About the IDA

The IDA  is a state-owned, join-stock company under ownership supervision of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The IDA supports business enterprises in operation and development of business activity, as well as in the implementation of restructuring processes, and plays a major role in increasing competitiveness of Polish industry.

The broad spectrum of support instruments includes both financial products and non-financial assistance in implementation of projects, such as providing access to investment areas and production facilities within Special Economic Zones administered by the IDA. The Company also makes it possible for business partners to liaise in implementing innovative projects.

With years of experience and unique competencies in the Polish market, the IDA has developed an individual approach to the evaluation of projects, due to which it is able to recognise business opportunities in areas that others see as unattractive or too risky.

As part of the Polish Development Fund Group, the IDA cooperates with major Polish institutions supporting enterprises and provides comprehensive solutions in response to the current needs and challenges faced by businesses.

Polish Development Fund

We work together to create practical solutions for a shared success and a safe future in industries including:

banking / insurance / investments / development of entrepreneurship and innovation / advisory in foreign expansion