Support for large companies

Large enterprises (within the meaning of the Act of 2 July 2004 on freedom of economic activity) are natural partners in expansion of innovation in Poland.

The Industrial Development Agency offers a broad range of proposals supporting the financing and implementation of innovative solutions in large companies.

Benefits of cooperation with the IDA include:

  • credibility through cooperation with a strategic state-owned company,
  • an individual approach to each project,
  • potential for obtaining new sales markets as a result of cooperation with a network of companies associated with the IDA and the State Treasury,
  • optimisation of costs of specialists’ opinions for projects.

Obtaining project support from the IDA is conditional upon using Polish technological solutions and production in Poland.

  • Cooperation is offered at the implementation stage on an industrial scale.
  • The proposed innovation must be adequately prepared in technological terms — TRL of at least 6 (Technology Readiness Level).
  • Another important factor is the development potential and good financial standing of the future business partner.
  • As a part of its activity supporting growth of innovative projects, the IDA is also considering support for special purpose vehicles and start-ups.

The IDA provides financial support for innovative projects on the basis of individual analysis of the need for capital. Both capital entry and help in obtaining debt financing are available as part of the aid. Another envisaged goal of the cooperation is finding co-investors for financing the implementation of the innovative solutions.

The standard investment period for the IDA is 5–7 years.

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