Technology Transfer Platform

Platforma Transferu Technologii

Technology Transfer Platform (TTP) is a a website where registered users can provide information about their innovative resources and about needs in the field of innovation, as well as search the technologies and experts database.

The advantage of the PTT, apart from extensive and continuously updated information resources, is an intelligent system for connecting technology providers with technology recipients.

Registration and access to TTP resources is free

The Technology Transfer Platform collects data about:

  • technological resources of so-called technology providers i.e. entities which want to make their innovative solutions available,
  • the needs of so-called technology recipients i.e. entities interested in acquisition of innovative solutions,
  • expert resources, which can be used in the technology transfer process.

Who can be a technology provider:

  • enterprises, research institutions, natural persons, business support institutions (technology transfer centres, science and technology parks, etc.).

Main benefits for technology providers:

  • expansion of technology sales channels,
  • obtaining income on technology sales,
  • creation of an image of an entity which has innovative solutions at its disposal,
  • verification of market interest in technologies at the disposal of a given entity,
  • outsourcing of technologies outside the scope of the provider’s development strategy, which can be used in particular in a different industry,
  • making technology available to an entity cooperating with the provider (as a part of B2B relations), thereby improving the efficiency of mutual business relations,
  • participation of employees from provider enterprises (e.g. B+R staff) as advisors in the process of technology transfer to the recipient, which allows the provider’s personnel to obtain additional competencies and ensures security of entrusted technological resources.

Who can be a technology recipient:

  • enterprises which intend to implement a technology in their activity.

Main benefits for technology recipients:

  • improving the technology level through technology transfer,
  • support with respect to defining/cataloguing technological needs,
  • informing potential providers about technological needs,
  • access to innovative solutions/technologies,
  • the possibility of using specialist (legal, technical, financial) advisory services relating to technology transfer, including as a part of development works associated with adaptation of the obtained technology to the recipient’s needs,
  • the possibility of making use of funding for purchase of a licence/ownership title to use the technology,
  • the possibility of capital support aiding implementation of the technology by the recipient on an industrial scale.

    EU financial support

    Basic terms and conditions for using EU financial support in connection with technology transfer*:

    • support can be used by technology recipients from the SME sector,
    • aid applies to entrepreneurs registered and conducting business activity in the Republic of Poland,
    • transactions concern entities which do not have any capital or personal links,
    • the technology recipient is required to implement the technology into the production process,
    • the transferred technology is one of the National Smart Specialisations,
    • eligible costs include the value of the licence/sale of ownership right as well as costs of advisory services,
    • average funding at the level of 50%.

    *the above information is preliminary.

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