Entrepreneur Service Centres

The Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company opens its doors to the SME sector and launches Entrepreneur Service Centres (COPs) in towns and cities throughout Poland.

The major goal of these centres is to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Entrepreneur Service Centres offer SMEs loans, leasing and support in exporting goods.

Loans are the primary area of activity of the COPs. These include investment loans, working capital loans, loans to finance contracts, as well as loans to provide liquidity in voluntary split payment situations.   The offer also includes restructuring loans.

The second pillar of the centres’ activity involves leasing. IDA JSC provides access for entrepreneurs to special-purpose equipment, machines and accessories, which banking and related institutions consider problematic and difficult to obtain through leasing.

The third pillar consists of export-promoting activities provided by the International Desk. COPs offer information about export-supporting instruments, currently available as part of the Polish Development Fund Group’s activities, to those entrepreneurs who are interested in exporting their goods.