Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN

  • TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is managed by the IDA branch in Tarnobrzeg
  • 22 sub-zones in 6 voivodships — Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Mazowieckie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and Dolnośląskie.
  • Leading industries: metal, construction, chemical industry, electronics and household appliances, automotive industry
  • Number of permits issued: 375
  • Number of jobs created: approximately 21 thousand
  • Total realised capital expenditure: PLN 7.8 billion
  • Area: 1,868 ha
  • Date of establishment: 1997

Offer addressees

  • TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN endeavours in particular to obtain investments from companies which create permanent jobs;
  • The most desired companies are enterprises which offer transfer of modern technologies and which operate in the innovation sector, IT services, electronics and the automotive industry;
  • The zone prefers entities that enter into cooperation with investors who already operate in the zone, from the construction chemistry, aluminium manufacturer and processing, household appliances, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical, furniture, and printing industries.


State aid in the form of income tax exemptions

  • In the TSOZ, investors can obtain the maximum level of state aid in Poland — up to 70% of capital expenditure or two years of labour costs.
  • System of tax exemptions and incentives consistent with EU legislation.
  • Property tax exemptions for new investment projects (depending on the location).

Investment options

  • Full availability of technical infrastructure for plots prepared for new investment projects, with dimensions ranging from several hundred m2 to several dozen ha.
  • Industrial facilities — manufacturing and storage halls with an area of between 1 and 8 thousand m2.
  • Market environment

  • Numerous groups of subcontractors and business counterparties from various industries and fields of expertise.
  • A large, receptive and diversified market for products and services resulting from diversified geographical location of the zone investment sites.
  • Attractive office and manufacturing space within industrial and technology parks 
    as well as business incubators.


What distinguishes us

TSOZ operations within clusters

  • cooperation in the development of new vocational specialisations under the auspices of the TSEZ
  • development of human resources for the modern economy — establishment of the Vocational Education Cluster as a part of modernisation of the vocational training opportunities on offer and adaptation to the needs of the local market
  • supporting the activities of the Eastern Automotive Alliance as a Cluster member to promote the automotive industry and create a good climate for locating new investments

Geographical location

  • TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is the only zone in Poland which has investment sites located near the borders with the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


  • There is a broad-gauge metallurgy line in the vicinity of zone sites. An investor can use its terminals and reloading stations. The line enables inexpensive and quick transport of bulk and mixed resources or goods to and from markets in Russia and the Far East.

Skilled personnel

  • The zone has employees who are highly skilled and have vast experience gained in several hundred successfully completed procedures in which permits were issued to conduct business activity in the zone;
  • The employees provide support with respect to specialist issues and information, professional services and clear procedures.

Efficient investor support

  • Zone employees respond to letters of enquiry within up to 48 h;
  • A permit for conducting business activity in the Zone is issued within no more than 6 weeks (from the date of submission of the “Investor’s Application” to the Zone manager).

Cooperation with local authorities

  • The Zone actively cooperates with local and regional authorities;
  • Investors in the zone have a guarantee of “green light” and fast-track procedures within their zone projects.

Organizations we have helped

Zone investors include:

  • LG Concern;
  • Pilkington Automotive Poland;
  • Thoni Alutec;
  • Uniwheels Production Poland;
  • Zbyszko Company;
  • Zakłady Metalowe Dezamet;
  • “Łucznik” Weapon Factory — Radom;

Zone trivia

  • The zone is open to cooperation with any investor — regardless of the project size: the smallest investment project implemented at EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN amounts to PLN 0.5 million, while the largest one — to PLN 1.1 billion.
  • The largest investment plot is approximately 80 ha and is located within the Wrocław-Kobierzyce sub-zone.
  • The zone has constructed and made available to investors multiple modern industrial facilities.

IDA JSC Branch in Tarnobrzeg

ul. Zakładowa 30

39-400 Tarnobrzeg

(+48) 15 822 99 99

(+48) 15 823 47 08